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Take a break and read all about it


Digital Transformation

We did optical character recognition (OCR) to extract information from scanned invoices using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Case Study

Voucher Management

Two wheeler servicing company needed help building an expense management system to organise vendors, vouchers and invoices in a customised solution.

Cloud Telephony Automation DigitalFlake
Case Study

Cloud Telephony Automation

Client faced problems tracking old and new customer calls. We provided an automated solution for tracking and mapping outgoing calls and incoming leads

hardwareless attendance case study DigitalFlake
Case Study

Hardware-less Attendance

A hardware-less solution for an e-commerce company having problems tracking fleet attendance, using executive’s smartphone, GPS location, and facial recognition.

banking application Case study Digitalflake
Case Study

Banking Application

Digital Flake created an online solution for a traditional bank. We developed an android app and an online system for account application, transforming their customer experience

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