Hardware-less Attendance

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About The Company

An e-commerce company which operates in multiple locations. It has more than 500 delivery executives on file.

The Challenge

Every company understands that efficient fleet management is important for optimal resource utilisation, and for the productivity of your fleet. However, capturing the attendance of the delivery fleet is a roadblock faced by many online retailers.


A big online retailer connected with us to help build a hardware-less solution for capturing the attendance of their delivery fleet. Their present system was inefficient and posed several challenges, such as:

Multiple reporting locations with a mix of physical and virtual formats made it challenging to capture attendance data accurately.

Each representative is expected to report to multiple areas in a month, but lack of proper attendance increases the scope of fraudulent activity, such as somebody else doing the delivery instead of the designated executive.

Inaccurate information capture makes it difficult to calculate attendance days, which, in turn, could lead to payroll issues.


We ideated with the client’s team to develop the most feasible solution for accurate attendance tracking without multiple checkpoints to avoid complications. Biometrics was rejected because it required a physical location to install. This led us to select a geospatial system, as the client had briefed us about the reporting locations.

We used this information to build a small radius around the lat/long of the approximate locations to chalk out a “reporting area” for attendance.

To ensure a seamless solution, we ran an application on the executive’s smartphones that automatically activates near the mapped location, allowing delivery executives to mark their entry and proceed with deliveries.

A facial recognition feature was also added to ensure that the delivery app isn’t misused.


Improved employee experience through accurate attendance capture without human intervention.

Accurate payroll processing owing to real-time reporting.

Increased customer experience, as delivery executives feel more accountable due to automatic attendance capture.

Reduced fraudulent activities due to automation.

About DigitalFlake

DigitalFlake is a digital transformation company founded by engineers to help businesses benefit from emerging technologies. The company has worked with startups and established firms across various verticals, helping them build enterprise-scale apps to drive operational efficiency and meet business objectives

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