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Cloud Telephony Automation DigitalFlake

About The Company

The client is a cloud communication company. It provides secure and reliable business phone system on the cloud

The Challenge

The client was getting hampered with mixed calls from new customers and old customers on cloud telephony. They were not able to track the new customer’s leads and old customers calls on cloud telephony.


The company was having issues managing and maintaining history of old and new ingoing and outgoing calls

It was not possible to track new leads and old customers.

Calling Agents were not able to track their last communication with customers.

If a customer had multiple calls for different issues, it was difficult to provide a solution.

For multiple calling agents attending to calls, it was difficult to track their performance.


We were able to build an integrate an admin portal which met the following objectives:

Collect Post Call Data: Through cloud telephony, we used a web hook to collect post call records. The portal was able to show records as per user demands like the recent most call, not just the answered new enquiries.

Update Call Status: After getting records on the admin dashboard, the agent was able to update the status (new booking, booked call for service, payment related) of the solution provided, for future reference and also for internal analysis, to improve customer satisfaction.

Tracking Agent Performance: Once the status of the data records is updated by the agents, the moderator (manager/team leader) can pull the reports from the admin portal and check the solution provided by agents to improve the quality of solution which will help ultimately in customer satisfaction.

Data Analysis Using Old Call Records: Data archives with date and other filters were given to management to build better solutions in line with given solutions provided by the agents. Also, any escalation from customers regarding solutions provided can be tracked with different parameters like mobile number, service used, etc. , which helps in root cause analysis.

About DigitalFlake

DigitalFlake is a digital transformation company founded by engineers to help businesses benefit from emerging technologies. The company has worked with startups and established firms across various verticals, helping them build enterprise-scale apps to drive operational efficiency and meet business objectives

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